Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The New Tree

The tree arrives extending far beyond
the bed of the pickup.
I like to sit on my front porch in the afternoon and watch the world go by. Someone has to do this you know. The only problem is the front porch is drenched in sun light all afternoon and doesn’t cool down until after sundown. A problem that definitely needed fixin.

So yesterday, I had me a tree installed and not just one of those little twiggs that will hopefully grow up into something majestic. At my age I need shade now. Don’t believe there are enough years left for me to wait for something to grow into maturity.

The first thing they had to do was remove this little boxwood that I had planted in hope of shaping it into and nice little round ball like the one I had previously grown.

Then the miniature palm tree was removed.

The palm was then replanted where the boxwood
had been.

The new tree was then placed where the palm had been.
Hopefully where it will shade the front
porch once the branches begin
to spread.

How much do you say? Total cost 1,500 baht or about $43.00 at today exchange rate. That includes the price of the tree, delivery, labor and fertilizers. Total time on the work site was one hour. Heck, back home it would have taken that long just to load and unload the mechanized equipment they would need and here it was all done by hand by a husband and wife team.

This tree keeps the morning sun off the porch
and out of the bedroom.

My future lawn Christmas Tree.

I plan on putting s small statue of
Buddha under these palms,but
have not found one with the
correct dimensions.

This boxwood was once a scrubby little thing
like the one in the above picture.

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