Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Moving In and Getting Started

Well here we go. I retired from my job here in Thailand last Monday and will be moving into my new home (above) on Saturday. As is typical of services here in Thailand it will be days perhaps weeks before telephone and Internet services are hooked up and running. In the mean time I'm sure the Misses will find plenty for me to do around the house. There's furniture to buy, not to mention all the boxes that must be opened and things to find a new place for so that they may again start gathering dust. Funny how we move things from placed to place just on the glimmer of hope that they may be of some use in the future even though we haven't looked at them once in the past five years or so.

It is my desire to make blogging my new hobby. Hopefully, I will pick up an interested party or two along the way, but if not it will be my job and therapy to work on this thing as often as possible to keep my sanity.

Items I attend to cover in future issues include: The places I have lived and worked, fellow employees, problems of building a home in Thailand, cultural issues, friend and family, and how it came about that I live in Thailand.

See you again soon.